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Okay, my friends just sent me a post made by gooserph about homeoftheangels. You see, two years ago me and some friends from an old Harry Potter RP made a roleplay named prettylittlewisterialane. Actually, I made that rp from scratch with another friend who was in that Harry Potter RP. We made the roleplay about Pretty Little Liars being mixed with Desperate Housewives. Now, two years ago there weren’t as many roleplays out there, so of course the graphics and storielines caught peoples attentions. It was— very active and dramatic. It was running for months and months. By the end of the RP, this person named Becca applied as a lead role of the rp and she did do him a lot of justice. We were all very pleased with her presence and activity. So much she actually became a friend of the admins and very well liked. But all good things must come to an end.

Pretty Little Wisteria Lane closed when an admin turned her backs on the roleplay. I was the only original admin left and decided to close it while people were still ‘ending’ their plotlines with their characters. About a year later, I get a message on skype from a friend who said she saw Pretty Little Wisteria Lane posting promos in the rp tags. I was confused since well, I was the only one who had the password and email besides my former best friend. Now, I admit that I was upset as shit that ‘members’ of the roleplay decided to bring back my rp without asking. Sure they left a little ‘credits’ under the navigation, but they still didn’t tell us. I confronted Becca about it and she did apologize and told us to come back to the rp. But admins already played our old roles and we were kind of too proud to join it when a part of that rp didn’t feel the same anymore, like it was forced back. So we decided not to join cause yeah, we were angry that the rp was brought back without asking.

Then about 6-7 months ago, Becca and her friends decided to open a roleplay named Kingstonuni. My former best friend decided to join it which I was of course surprised about since she clearly made it out that she didn’t exactly like Becca (I don’t know if she just disliked her because of me and wanted to support me) but I spoke to Becca about it. Decided to lower my weapons and speak to her about it. Our conversation on Skype was sober and actually very mature considering we were pissed at each other. We decided that past was in the past and it was time to move on. I joined Kingstonuni and quite liked it there. I liked it so much that I had two characters both extremely active. But again, the rp was dying down, my former best friend decided to leave because all her plots got fucked over by Becca. She convinced me that kingstonuni was shit and we decided to leave the rp. Shit was said, I became extremely enemies with Becca once again. It was like a war of roleplay against roleplay. Very immature of me and her, but nontheless it’s what happened due to the heat of the fire we were both caught in. We all know how fights can get. We say things out of our reach, but yeah- it’s what happened. Me and Becca decided to simply just leave each other alone and not speak anymore.

Then about 1½ ago, when we were all still fine and friends, Becca told me she wanted a supernatural roleplay, an idea she got from this other roleplay we were a part of named Beverlyhills mental institution or something like that. That roleplay was very… well, there were cliques, so we decided to make our own version of that idea. Becca didn’t come up with the original idea, she simply changed the name of an idea that was used already and added the supernatural. She asked me and my former best friend to do the job, so we did everything in that rp. Everything from plotlines, graphics, shitload of ID cards, theme, navigation, plotline, EVERYTHING. Becca came up with the name, that’s it. Under ReadMore you can see the proof I have of how me and my former best friend did everything.

But now you have Becca and her friends making posts on their rph’s about how I stole homeoftheangels and how I did shit to them like they’re innocent. Yet they forget how they stole my roleplay (probably with the best intentions, but stole it nontheless) and claiming that homeoftheangels was hers. Back then I fought with the Beverlyhills mental institution who claimed we had stolen the idea from them and I defended Becca to the point where I actually spoke to one of the owners of tumblr because of the shit that went on. But the point is, I didn’t steal anything I already owned. We can continue to throw who’s wrong and who’s right around like five year olds, but I’m not gonna stand around and watch everything get trashed without at least telling my side to the stories. I don’t own Prettylittlewisterialane anymore, Becca took it and made it hers.

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Good morning roleplay tags. I just woke up and ready to take your questions or apps. I’m gonna scream over the fact we got an Evan Peters app, so keep those males coming.


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C’mon, we managed to get 10 apps in a few hours, so let them apps come in so we can accept sooner than first expected. Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Louis Tomlinson and many more are wanted.


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come and apply!

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This is probably the most productive I’ve been in months, and with that.. I’m very proud of myself. But come apply so we can get this started?


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